Hyundai Elevate Will Aid First Responder In Near Future

Hyundai CRADLE, a corporate venturing and open innovation business arm of Hyundai Motor Company, unveils the first walking car concept, Elevate. Very often, the first 72 hours following...


Under Armour Introduces Curry 6 Coy Fish Colorway

Under Armour Curry 6 Coy Fish Colorway is for your indulgence both on and off the court. Its striking colorway is inspired by the vibrant beauty of the koi fish. Besides its stunning ...


H&M Studio To Launch SS19 Collection In March

Instead of showcasing its biannual H&M Studio collection on the Paris Fashion Week catwalk, H&M has opted to launch its SS19 collection by combining fashion and immersive theatr...


Toyota Supra: Spring Comes Early

The new Toyota Supra is the first global model of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s GR sports car series. The new Supra is slated to start its sales in Japan around spring this year (2019). T...


Klipsch T5 Earbuds: High Performance Yet Affordable

Klipsch, the household name for premium audio solutions, is launching a series of Klipsch T5 in-ear headphones that are powerful in performance, technology, materials and comfort. Each ...


New Nissan LEAF Will Be Launched In Singapore In 2019

Singapore will see the launch of the second-generation new Nissan LEAF in the 2nd quarter of 2019. This aligns with Nissan Singapore’s aim to have a full passenger line-up of electri...